We continously look for interested students who want to join the fascinating field of ultrashort physics using visible or x-ray pulses.
If you are looking for a PhD position, a Master/Diploma or Bachelor work, please contact us.
We also offer student research projects for graduate students!

Current Bachelor/Master positions

Characterization and optimization of a Ti:Sapphire laser beam profile

This project aims at the optimization of the spatial properties of ultrashort laser pulses generated in a Ti:Sapphire laser system. Applying a recently proposed simple experimental approach we intend to set up a novel type of spatial filter for improving the wave front of the laser pulses. The work includes a careful characterization of the current and - after installation of the new spatial filter - the resulting wave fronts. Simulations also may be included into this project.


Development of a detector for THz and NIR light pulses

Performing pump-probe experiments using ultrafast light pulses of different wavelength requires sophisticated tools to be able to overlap all involved light pulses in space and time. In particular when non-visible radiation is used, special techniques have to be applied. The planned work should set up and test a new type of detection scheme based on a semiconductor device that is capable of detecting the overlap of a THz and a NIR laser pulse on an ultrashort time-scale.


Pump-probe experiments using DUV and VUV radiation

Based on an industrial laser system we operate a table-top light source generating ultrashort light pulses at 85nm wavelength by frequency conversion of the fourth harmonic (257nm) of the laser fundamental in a static gas cell. Recently, an optical setup for the transport of the DUV and laser radiation to the interaction region, where pump-probe studies on gaseous samples will be carried out, was realized. In a next step, an experimental chamber hosting a spectrometer/detector for either electrons or ions created by the light-matter interaction needs to be set up. This project can be carried out within the scope of a Bachelor or Master thesis.

Hiwi positions

Interested in scientific work along your studies of physics? We are continously searching for student research assistants (Studentische Hilfskraft).

For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Markus Drescher or Dr. Marek Wieland