Ultrafast Light sources

The backbone of any time-resolving optical experiment is a source of sufficiently short light pulses of the desired wavelength. While modern commercially available ultrafast lasers cover the UV, visible and infrared spectral range (200 nm - 20000 nm wavelength), the generation of femtosecond pulses at much smaller wavelengths in the extreme ultraviolet and X-ray regime (100 nm to less than 0.1 nm wavelength) require much more efforts. We use two conceptually very different types of such light sources, laser based light sources and accelerator-based light sources.

Collaborating institutions and scientific programs:

Hasylab at DESY, Hamburg

Institute for Laser Physics, University of Hamburg

SFB 668: Magnetismus vom Einzelatom zur Nanostruktur

SFB 925: Light induced dynamics and control of correlated quantum systems

Research Training Program GrK1335 at the University of Hamburg

Landesexzellenz Initiative LEXI, "Excellence Cluster "Frontiers in Quantum Photon Science